Tuesday, 24 March 2009

first interviews

Second interview is in the can. We now have about an hour and twenty minutes of footage, and about 3 minutes of it is usable... ahhh. I jest. Once I've cleaned out my computer I'll magically digitise a short excerpt and post it here for your embarrassment.

First interview with Ian Milligan (March 20) went well, although we ran out of tape with plenty of area left to cover so we'll need to schedule a follow up pretty soon. Aunt Jenny also acquiesced and we got a couple of anecdotes from her on tape today.

Still to come in the preliminary interviews (let's call them "tier 1 interviews" are Dee Milligan and both grandparents on the McClintock side, Phil and Lex.

As a side note, Ian provided us with a transcript of an audio interview he recorded with his mother (our great grandmother) way back in 1985-ish. We'll need to find out if the audio still exists, if so it will be invaluable.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Stay tuned for moving pictures...

Soon enough, we'll have some talking and moving captured on video. Very exciting stuff. Visiting Grandpa on Friday to talk history! Watch this space. :)

Friday, 13 March 2009

Friday - DAY 1 (let's start this)

ok, so RDO's are great huh? More time, less work. In reality yes, but overall not great on the back pocket. But anyhow, that's the reality of the current time, so I'm going to put my foot down and do something about my previous lack of effort on this project.
Grandpa - watch out. Paul and I are coming to film you and Grandma... :)